Drunk Punk Rock Straight Outta the Garage!

Drunk Punk Rock Straight Outta the Garage!

Burrito Electrico LIVE 211

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Drunk with a side of PUNK……

New tracks from ReVilers , Flat Tires, Antiseen, The Connection, Dan Vapid, Eddy and the T-Bolts, The Jackets, Chrome Cranks and Many Many More!

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Da Skywalkers The Wreckingball
The CONNECTION I Think She Digs Me
Dan Vapid And The Cheats Baby Baby Get OVer Yourself
Costello The Perfect Way
Avail Taken
folk devils art ghetto
The Heartaches Hoboken Riot
Antiseen Chainsaw
Flat Tires Cretin Hop
Groovy Ghoulies R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
The Detectors Tributary to Death
The Forgotten Clawing At The Walls
Street Brats Seventy-Seven Fallen Angels
The Apers You Suck
The Hatepinks Sehr Gut Rock und Roll
Adam West 1970
Eddy & the T-Bolts Rockabilly Dress
Suizide Queenz Suizide Queenz – Feels Like Home
The Gods Of Macho She Smiles
Demented Are Go Epileptic Fit
The Triggers One More Time
The Cremators Half Past Crazy
Red Flag 77 Girlfriend
ReVilers Sick Of Being Sick And Tired
Back Alley Hooligans $5 Bill
The Jackets Freak Out
The Chrome Cranks 50′s French Movie
The Threads Mickie Brown
T.S.T. Teenager In Love
Resistance 77 Margaritaville
Schleprock Pretty In Pink
East Town Pirates East Town Pirates
Germ Attak Rebellion Mutiny Treason And Sedition
NoWhiteRag Squatter Blues
Discharge The Final Blood Bath
Flying Ladies Fucked For Life
Crime Wave Uber Hipster Holocaust
The Gundown Young Gun
Daily Mind Distortion Skate & Sinners
Frontside Five Skate To Hell
Avail N30
Naked Raygun Last Drink

2 Responses to Burrito Electrico LIVE 211

  1. Hey,

    we listen to your last show.
    It´s pretty cool you played our song ” Feels like Home” and thx for great feedback and the promotion…

    cheers from Hamburg/Germany

    Andy Unemployed (Suizide Queenz)

    • burritoelectrico says:

      Killer stuff can’t wait to hear more!!! be sure to send me any tracks you guys want played!!


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