Drunk Punk Rock Straight Outta the Garage!

Drunk Punk Rock Straight Outta the Garage!

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  • Burrito Electrico LIVE 221

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    Well we are just over a week and half shy of 4 long YEARS of BURRITO ELECTRICO!! It has been a great 4 years and I hope to bring everyone 4+ more years!!

    This week we have a cover song contest so listen in the last 15mins of the show to get the full details and win a KILLER PRIZE PACK!!

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    Rancid The Moron Brothers
    The Mullets White Trash Girl
    Bad Chickens Let us play with your new boobs
    Trashkannon Krusty Bitch
    White Cross Wrong Time Wrong Place
    Blue Collar Criminals Used To Love Her
    Tear Them Down Life in Sin
    The Framed Whisky Bottles
    New Bruises There Was Only One Johnny Cash
    Real Problems King Of The Strip
    Against The Grain Trouble No more
    Subwaste Warehouse
    Wank For Peace We Are Nothing
    Tattooed Corpse Fun Girl
    Municipal Waste Mourning Sex
    Dayglo Abortions Big Ass Truck
    Danko Jones The Kids Don’t Want To Rock
    The Datsuns MF From Hell
    Sharp Objects Zero Ambition
    The B-Movie Monsters Salem’s Lot
    Davila 666 El Lobo
    Blood Drained Cows You’re Gonna Miss Me
    The A Gang Live On Fire
    Liquor Store Gas Station
    Campaign 1. Breaking Bones
    Middle Class Trash Stand For Something
    Bitter American Already Negative
    Youth of Today Wake Up And Live
    Sloppy Seconds I Can’t Slow Down
    Daycare Swindlers Crystal Meth
    The Civillains Streetcorner Preacher
    Perdition Why Buy the Cow When You Can Get The Sex For Free
    Agitators Where Do I Sign?
    The Dangits The Devil
    The Scutches Summer Night
    American Static Summer Of ’76
    Teenage Gluesniffers Smell of Summer
    Groovie Ghoulies A New England
    VICE SQUAD Ace Of Spades
    Rancid Bob
    Blue Peter Living In The 80′s


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