Drunk Punk Rock Straight Outta the Garage!

Drunk Punk Rock Straight Outta the Garage!

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  • Burrito Electrico LIVE 223

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    Texas is the Reason!! 2 FULL HOURS of DRUNK PUNK n’ ROLL Straight outta the GARAGE!!


    Lots of GREAT BANDS from the GREAT SAUSTEX Media label





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    Big Boys The Big Picture
    Jesus Christ Superfly Looking Back
    Poison 13 Seventh Son
    REALLY RED I Was A Teenage Fuckup
    The Boozers Fast And Loose
    X’s For Eyes Be Careful
    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! South For The Winter
    Hickoids Side By Side Doublwides
    T. Tex Edwards L.S.D.
    Peterbuilt Doublewide
    Butthole Surfers Lady Sniff
    Cherubs Quitter
    Ed Hall White House Girls
    The Dangits Gotta Get Some Action
    Speedealer Rock And Roll
    The Me-Thinks Burnout Timeline
    HUNS Busy Kids
    SKUNKS Earthquake Shake
    STAINS John Wayne Was A Nazi
    Loco Gringos Texas Ranger Man
    Hickoids Mr Punk Rock Voo-Doo Man
    Poor Dumb Bastards Miss My X
    Spunk White Trash
    D.R.I. Redline
    Verbal Abuse I Hate You
    Saustex Block www.saustexmedia.com
    Gay Sportscasters Derby Crush
    Piñata Protest Cold Fries
    Chief Fuzzer Bad She Gone Voodoo
    Glambilly I Must Be The Devil
    Pathos Straight Into The Sun
    Churchwood Metanoia
    Mulén Got A Gun
    Roky Erickson (with The Nervebreakers You’re gonna miss me
    The Sons Of Hercules Gimme Some
    The Reverend Horton Heat Livin’ On The Edge (Of Houston)
    Nervebreakers Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls
    Bang Gang 4x the fun
    Fuckemos Thunderstruck


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